Some of my completed freehand sketches from today (plus an in-the-process American Idiot sketch) for my project!

Anonymous said:
OMG you said that Lana and Sean started a table banging contest!!!!? are you serious!?? OMG hahahaha


Lol yes!!! It was hilarious. I can’t remember who started it, but one actor got to a table where everyone was banging and cheering for them. And then the other got their own table to do it. And soon all hell broken loose. XD it was like battle of the Once actors for over 10 minutes. Lana kept giving him sassy looks the whole time. So funny! Even Fred got some love XD



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On Monday night, I sang with Idina Menzel at Radio City Music Hall. I can’t even process what happened. I don’t have the words to fully explain what happened because I’m 99% sure I blacked out or fell into a coma or something. 

After 10 years of waiting to share a stage with the woman who made me fall in love with theatre, I get to sing with her at RADIO FUCKING CITY. Unfortunately, I got stuck singing the belty part of the song. Spoiler: I can belt just as well as I can play sports. The perfectionist inside me wants to strangle my vocal chords for being physically unable to belt. Nonetheless, even though I sounded like a toad and embarrassed the hell out of myself by not only cracking after an unsuccessful attempt to use my head voice, but not having the balls to take that mike and OWN it, it was the best night of my life. 

So here’s my story: I had a gut feeling Idina was going to sing TMOLM last night, and in preparation for the performance, I made a two-sided neon pink sign; one side read, “Let’s Sing Together Idina” in silver and gold sparkles and the other read, “Idina YOU Make Me BRAVE” as a backup in case she didn’t sing Take Me or Leave Me. Thankfully she did. When I heard the orchestra play the first measure to that song, my heart stopped. I gripped my sign, and after Idina came out of her on-stage changing curtain, I stood up and waved that sign like it was nobody’s business. Unfortunately, I was sitting in front of a bunch of old assholes who complained, thus forcing the usher to take my sign away. Freaking out and growing green with envy as four other people proceeded to sing with Idina, I vowed to get my ass out of my chair and march up to the stage. Luckily, she decided to invite one more person on stage with her. I sprinted out of my seat to the front of the orchestra, not caring if anyone stopped me. She had already chosen a boy to end the song with her though. 

Determined, I waved and shouted to get her attention, as she indicated she wanted one more person to end the number with her and said, “we’ll get him then we’ll get another girl.” She saw me, made she contact, pointed at me, and said “Okay honey come.” Speechless, it took me a moment, but then I said uneasily, “me?” And she said “yes, you. I remember you.” In. Front. Of. Everybody. I was shaking. She took the guy on stage and then looked back and said, “Now where’d my other chick go? Okay come. I remember her from the— What’s your name again babe?” I told her it was Lexie and she repeated it. Hearing Idina say my name. Like wow. Now the rest is a bit fuzzy… I remember the guy next to me taking control of the mike and leaving me dejected and just plain pissed because he got to sing Joanne’s verse and I didn’t get the chance to sing a solo, and the part I could actually sing pretty well. Idina, seeing me frown a bit, and seeing this kid wasn’t going to let go of the microphone so easy, took me by the hand, and held it for the rest of the performance. 

When he was FINALLY done, she held the microphone to my mouth and I sang pretty well considering I’ve only ever sung the chorus and the verses, not the gigantic ending. Then, it happened, I tried to sing in my falsetto and totally choked. Idina saw how embarrassed I was and grabbed the mike and sang with me cheek to cheek for the rest of the song. The other guy tried to upstage me again and hogged the spotlight, which really REALLY sucked, but Idina hugging me at the end made it all better. And James Snyder telling me I was fantastic and putting his arm around me after the show made it seem not so terrible. There were so many people I knew in the audience, not to mention the other 6,000 people at the venue, but I’m just so blessed to have gotten the chance to do this with my lifelong hero. The other people who sang with her earlier were either little kids or weirdos so I think I deserve a pat on the back for being slightly normal.

But like if anyone wants to see me make an ass out of myself here’s the link —you can start at 9:30 to skip the boob shenanigans and the other people xo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LudzN2dggH8&list=PLj1V2OGBG0jnxNqN2x_IAbP4mHsGbHpc9&index=4


If anyone has any pictures/videos of Idina singing Take Me or Leave Me at Radio City with fans (preferably me) please PLEASE send them to me via email. A few of my friends have sent me theirs but I’m hungry for more so help a fellow fanzel out pretty please?


Idina Menzel - Creep (x)

Masterpost of both my Idina Menzel at Radio City Audio and Video


Downloadable Audio:

  1. Defying Gravity
  2. Brave
  3. Love for Sale/Roxanne
  4. Both Sides Now
  5. Still I Can’t Be Still
  6. God Save My Soul
  7. There’s No Business Like Show Business/Anything Goes/Everything’s Coming Up Roses
  8. Creep
  9. Take Me or Leave Me
  10. No Day But Today
  11. I Still Haven’t…


Aurora is the Disney HBIC.

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Sean being a gentleman/serving our Queen

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Lana + Freddy Krueger

My Meeting with Lana Parrilla


*Click on “My Meeting with Lana Parrilla” to view the video.

You may not know my story, you may have just followed this blog because you love Lana. That’s awesome. Before you watch this video, let me share with you my story. On Christmas Day this past year I was in a serious car accident, I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt and my head hit the windshield and I was severely injured. Suddenly I couldn’t work, or walk, or do anything for weeks. I am a nurse, so this was very hard for me and I immediately became severely depressed. The night of my accident I prayed for God to just let me die. My family sensed my deep sorrow, and so my sister suggested while I was laid up in bed that I binge watch a show called “Once Upon a Time”. I took her advice, one episode I saw featured the Evil Queen venturing into the kingdom in disguise as a peasant girl named Wilma, she sets out to find out why the peasants hate her. She is subsequently injured and Snow White ends up saving her life. During that scene, Snow says to the Queen that there is an undeniable selfless connection between people, even strangers, and that as long as we lead with goodness in our heart we can always have a second chance. When I saw this scene, it lit a fire inside of me and I knew I had to dust myself off and get back to my life. One month later, I received a job offer to work in hospice, and the first patient I ever had assigned to me, was named Wilma. I am a believer in signs, and this was a sign to me, that I was exactly where I was meant to be.

I am a pretty young nurse, and so working with people who are going to die was very scary for me. For the first few weeks I cried all the way to work, and all the way home. I realized one night while driving home that I had to find a way to connect with people, I thought back to what made me feel better and it was having an escape like Once Upon a Time. I began bringing my iPad to nurses’ visits, while I was checking medications, or doing wound care, or starting an IV I would have my patients watch an episode to distract them. Every.Single.Time they loved it. Until pretty soon, every patient I had became a ONCER. Of course, they always loved Lana Parrilla and her sass as the Queen. Over the past 6 months I have cared for and comforted nearly 100 people in their last weeks of life, and Lana’s performances and Once Upon a Time have allowed me to share so much joy with them. But most importantly it’s allowed me to help them forget, if even for an hour, that they are dying. It’s allowed me to hear them laugh, or swoon, or feel excitement. They have died with joy and peace in their heart because of that levity.

And so I traveled 1800 miles this past weekend to tell Lana this myself. This video is a portion of our conversation, the beginning I have kept private because i mention some private patient details. But you will see an interaction that my patients and I have dreamed about for months.

My patients and I picked out a few very special gifts for Lana, jewelry with genuine turquoise stones, because turquoise is the stone of the healer, and of feminine power.

The rings that she puts on in the video were made by a patient who died a week before my trip. She was a huge fan but lost her fight.

I hope what Lana has done for me and those under my care comes through when you watch this, it’s a moment I won’t ever forget.

Lana being super adorable with a fan.

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